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Constructing A Podcast Part 2

In the last post I talked about how we came up with the idea and how the intro got created. So it seems like we have everything in place except a show. So let's get into recording.

Recording Day
Both Mike and I have been podcasting together for some years on our old show The Blue Recluse. So we know each other's way of podcasting quite well, so jumping into a show and record it was easy. Almost like riding a bike.

So on the evening of the 16th we started recording the show. We use a service called Squadcast where you login and you can invite guests on there to have a call. The service then record all the participants on their own computer and when the session is over, it uploads these files for the editor. I might do a seperate blogpost about this service later.

So we jumped in, pressed the record button, and basically just started talking. About an hour later we had a recording of our show. After the show we had a quick talk about small details, and then that was it. It felt like we had never been on a break at all.

Editing, Website, Graphics, And Lots Of Waiting
The next day, after I finished work, I started editing the show. We know each other's way of podcasting quite well, so the flow of the show came quite natural to us. Which resulted in me barely having to edit anything.

I only had to clean up a mistake I made (swearing on the show, oops), and add the intro/outro to the recording (and some smaller adjustments. I will do another blog post later where I talk about small tips and tricks to improve your podcast, so if you should be interested in that, be sure to follow us here on the page). I also cleaned up the intro a bit to make it fit the show a little better.

With the final show exported and ready to go, we just had to release the show, right? Well, since everything had been done so far, we didn't have anything ready yet. So we created an account on Fireside to host our podcast. It's this very website you are looking at right now.

Once that was created and the show was uploaded we could sign up for all the places we wanted the show to be available. So we signed it up for Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and a few other places, so be sure we were out there and available to the most possible people. Now we just had to wait for approval from these services.

So while we were waiting I had an idea for graphic elements for the website. So I asked Mike for some pictures of him and with some photoshop I created what you can see at the top of this page. I also had some old not used logo ideas lying around, and one of them fit the idea with the show perfectly. So a shined it up and a logo was ready.

By then Spotify had approved our show and it was searchable on their platform. So we released the show to the public and we were officially out there on the internet.

What's Next?
So as you can see, we threw everything together really quickly. Within a week we had everything ready for the first episode to be launched.

That also means there are most definitely some things that we haven't figured out 100 % yet. But like with any creative idea, Rome wasn't built in a day. So we will try to adjust and refine the show over the next many months.

We don't have a specific goal as of yet, but I think one thing we would love to do, is to have guests on the show. So if you have any suggestions to who it might be, hit us up here on the page on the contact page, or find us over at 2nerdsmaybemore on Twitter.

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Photo by Thom Knight